4 Reasons Why the fastscan.io™ Scanning Solution is a Great Option for DSOs

The fastscan.io Scanning Solution from Glidewell is accurate, fast, and comes with a rolling cart, monitor, laptop, and unparalleled training and support at a special DSO price.


In the landscape of modern dentistry, more and more dental service organizations (DSOs) are using intraoral scanners to streamline workflows, enhance patient care, and maximize productivity. But with such a wide variety of models to choose from, knowing which one is right for your practice can be a challenge. Enter the fastscan.io™ Scanning Solution featuring Medit® i900®. Launched in partnership with Medit, a global leader in 3D scanning solutions for dental clinics and labs, the fastscan.io delivers unique benefits that make it an ideal choice for DSOs looking to elevate their practice standards.



The fastscan.io intraoral scanner offers clinicians the versatility, efficiency, and accuracy needed to meet the demands of modern dentistry.



Traditional methods for taking dental impressions come with their set of challenges, including the potential for errors caused by bubbles, setting anomalies, and patient non-compliance. The fastscan.io featuring Medit i900, however, uses sophisticated imaging technology to capture detailed, three-dimensional impressions of a patient’s mouth — resulting in fewer errors and better margins. Plus, with a newly improved third-generation optical lens that captures every detail of the patient’s mouth within 11 micrometers of accuracy, doctors can now expand their clinical possibilities with metal and edentulous scanning with more precision than ever before. Once a scan gets sent to a lab, the result is better-fitting restorations, and the reduced likelihood of errors that necessitate remakes.


One of the standout features of fastscan.io is its speed. Even those new to intraoral scanning will find the process smooth and intuitive. Unlike other scanners that require following a specific path, the software of fastscan.io allows for a flexible scanning approach, seamlessly integrating different parts of the oral region into a single detailed image thanks to a high-speed 70 FPS camera. If the process of scanning is interrupted, there’s no need to start over from scratch. Simply pick up from where you left off, and the AI-backed software will automatically recognize whether you’re scanning a new section or retracing your steps. Weighing only 165 grams — 33% more lightweight than its previous iteration — the fastscan.io featuring Medit i900 is remarkably comfortable to hold. A new 360-degree touch band also allows for effortless scanning from any angle. The end result is a vivid, full-color, 3D image that lays the groundwork for impeccable restorative work.



Intraoral scanners offer a better patient experience
than traditional methods of taking impressions.


Specially priced for DSOs below the $24,500 MSRP with no subscription or licensing fees, fastscan.io featuring Medit i900 stands out as one of the most affordable premium intraoral scanners on the market. It even comes bundled with a rolling cart, monitor, and laptop, making it an excellent financial investment. But the true value is the long-term savings that come with its use. By sending digital impressions to Glidewell, doctors can save $20 per unit on all-ceramic model-less restorations, single-unit screw-retained crowns, and custom implant abutments — in addition to $9 savings on shipping per case. That’s a lot of saving potential!

That’s a lot of saving potential! Doctors who want to scan with additional up-front savings can also opt for the fastscan.io featuring Medit i700®, the last-gen iteration, which is also available to DSOs below the $18,990 MSRP.



The fastscan.io Scanning Solution is one of the most affordable intraoral scanners available.


Comprehensive Training and Support

From day one, fastscan.io users are entitled to free, unlimited training and support directly from Glidewell. Unlike other companies who outsource technical support to overseas call centers, Glidewell technicians are located on our campus in Irvine, California. From unboxing the scanner and accessories to installation and troubleshooting, help is readily available with a real person via text, chat, email, or phone. Doctors can also take advantage of a free one-on-one virtual training session with a fastscan.io technician.

To find out more about what the fastscan.io Scanning Solution featuring Medit i900 can do for your practice, click here.

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