Linda Ryan

Linda Ryan started her dental journey as a clinical dental assistant. Over her 4-decade career, through grit and perseverance, she has mastered virtually every aspect of clinical and operational dentistry. Her diverse experience and expertise have been integral to the success of multiple dental support organizations. An early pioneer of the DSO model, Linda had a critical role in the development and implementation of best practices, including staff training and development, procurement, facilities management, compliance, marketing, recruiting, and opening and managing the process of over 100 DeNovo practices. She was a finalist for the 2022 Women in DSO Leadership Award in the Business Category. Her passion for dentistry is only rivaled by her love for people. Her dedication to leading teams and creating a people-centric culture is admirable. Linda is a positive role model and a mentor to many. She always makes herself available to serve others and has been instrumental in helping the people she leads grow and advance in their careers. Linda currently is an award-winning talent acquisition director setting records for attracting and retaining talent. Linda’ s career trajectory and success are proof that hard work and commitment to excellence pays off. She wants every dental aspirant to know that regardless of where your journey starts, barriers are meant to be broken and to always believe in yourself and your ability to succeed.

Stories by Linda


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