Choosing the Right Partner for Your DSO

Combined, Carestream Dental, Swissmeda, and Sensei ensure all DSO systems work together seamlessly so you can see more patients, at more locations, more efficiently.



With three brand portfolios that seamlessly integrate, Carestream Dental can meet your business’ unique needs.

With a faster pace, more staff, and a higher volume of patients, group practices and DSOs are different than standalone practices. The ability to scale up is key, whether that means managing an office across town or across state lines. Choosing the right partner that can meet all your business’ needs, from equipment to clinical services to practice management, can alleviate some of the challenges that come with managing multiple locations.

“Will I be able to attach clinical images taken with equipment to my patients’ charts within my practice management software?”

“Can I access patient data from anywhere, even if their first appointment was at a different office?”

“Will this clinical design software open DICOM or STL files from my equipment?”

Carestream Dental’s comprehensive portfolio of brands ensures all your systems work together seamlessly so you can see more patients, at more locations, more efficiently—which translates into more revenue and business opportunities.

Your Investment Goes Further with Carestream Dental Imaging Equipment and Software

Built on more than 125 years of experience, Carestream Dental is the company’s signature brand that includes RVG sensors, intraoral cameras, imaging plate systems, generators and, of course, the 2D and 3D extraoral imaging systems, along with related software and modules. These solutions allow DSOs to install award-winning technology in their offices for consistent results across locations.

Carestream Dental is constantly innovating and improving the portfolio. Upgrades and enhancements to existing imaging systems, like the Evo and Neo editions of Carestream Dental’s equipment, means businesses can benefit from improvements without the steep learning curve that comes with installing new equipment. For example, more powerful than ever, yet as simple as always, the Neo Edition of the CS 8200 3D delivers exceptional outcomes with unparalleled ease of use. Featuring an extended field of view that is ideal for businesses that want to expand their treatment capabilities, this CBCT system is powered by premium imaging technologies and delivers superb image quality in every modality. Practitioners will see the difference in the versatile imaging and will make a difference in every decision they make.

“My favorite thing about the CS 8200 3D is the software user interface, making it the easiest CBCT on the planet for an assistant to use. A doctor’s biggest concern when installing new technology is: “What is my staff going to think?” But the CS 8200 3D is nearly plug and play, it gives prompts for the user so there are no mistakes made. The software can provide guidance, like telling them which bite plate to use in different situations.” – Dr. Ian Lowell

Carestream Dental also understands that DSOs need open platforms, so they have more choices for their offices. That is why CS Imaging 8*—the imaging hub that centralizes and displays all a user’s Carestream Dental imaging data—now features IO Scanner Link. IO Scanner Link allows Carestream Dental’s imaging software to directly connect to third-party intraoral scanners’ acquisition software not developed by Carestream Dental. IO Scanner Link is more than a manual file import/export option: It leverages CS Imaging as the core practice platform to drive efficiency and connectivity. DSOs can manage their digital workflow more efficiently and in return, enhance their diagnostic capabilities, save time, and facilitate collaboration with the treatment team.

“With one program, I can display everything I need. Extraoral imaging, intraoral imaging, x-rays, photographs, digital impressions, and models. CS Imaging covers my whole workflow. And it’s very intuitive and easy to use.” – Dr. Jose Antonio Benito Aguilar

The simplicity and quality of Carestream Dental imaging systems help drive efficiency, productivity, and overall growth with DSOs. However, image quality is not the only thing Carestream Dental focuses on, collaboration and case planning play a huge role in office workflow and increasing productivity with the DSO even further. 

Provide Complex Clinical Services with Confidence with Swissmeda

Swissmeda-stackable2-Web-Image-newSwissmeda, Carestream Dental’s newest brand, delivers differentiated software and clinical solutions focusing on case planning, guided assistance, and data intelligence. The portfolio’s leading product, Smop, is a one-of-a-kind surgical guide design software that integrates cloud-based planning on open framework application to improve surgery times and patient outcomes. Additionally, Smop helps doctors manage even the most complex implant cases with Stackable Guide, a new feature that makes all-on-X cases simpler through a comprehensive digital 3D design process that produces an interlocking fit for the printed stackable guide.

However, the Swissmeda brand portfolio is more than just implant planning and surgical guide creation. For example, the Imaging Case and Collaboration (ICC) application makes it easier and faster to collaborate and share case files across all your networks. The accuracy of surgical guides and the simplicity of sharing cases across large networks makes Smop and ICC ideal for DSOs striving for consistency and efficiency. Together, these offerings give doctors greater confidence when communicating, collaborating, and planning cases, and the resulting automated workflows drive increased practice efficiency and growth.

Building on that growth is the newly introduced Easy Digital Dentures Solution (EDDS), an integrated module within CS Imaging. Teams can easily digitize denture records with one scan from the practice’s existing Carestream Dental CBCT systems in less than 5 minutes. Simply scan, acquire, and automatically produce digital dentures files to save considerable time, increase production, and experience improved operational efficiencies.

Practices can free up intraoral scanners and reduce patient bottlenecks by using their Carestream Dental CBCT system to handle 3D object scanning. A single scan captures every angle of the denture, reducing the risk for missing data, triangles, or rescanning. Plus, one scan results in multiple STL files that auto-orient in design software—further streamlining the process. The EDDS wizard easily guides the user through the acquisition steps and simplifies acquisition of digital data, decreasing the learning curve and leading to greater consistency across offices.

Designed for simplicity and scalability, EDDS frees up time for doctors and their teams. There is no need to be trained on complex alternative workflows since the feature integrates with the office’s existing systems. Practices and patients experience consistent results thanks to the precision of digital technology, while the business enjoys increased production and profitability by offering new, more efficient denture services.

Analyze Practice Profitability and Keep Chairs Filled with Sensei

Finally, monitoring that production and scheduling those patients for follow-up appointments is Sensei, the practice and patient management brand of Carestream Dental. Sensei’s true-cloud solution, Sensei Enterprise, is designed especially for DSOs and emerging group practices, with features specifically built to solve issues for the modern dental enterprise. Sensei Enterprise offers centralized access and control over a dental business, ensuring consistency across specialties and locations. By leveraging data analytics, managers can track profitability, identify challenges, and forecast growth with confidence and security. With a single source of truth, it is easier to make informed decisions and streamline operations.

Carestream Dental leverages 125+ years of knowledge and experience to transcend the past with innovative solutions that drive DSOs forward. All combined, these brand portfolios—Carestream Dental, Swissmeda, and Sensei—create intrinsic value and long-term business sustainability. Carestream Dental’s brands uniquely offer core platforms that are ready to connect and advance professionals, practices, patients, data, devices labs and management software to enable world class outcomes—both clinical and financial—and experiences that fuel business growth.Learn More!

*CS Imaging version 8 software connects to multiple intraoral scanner acquisition software not developed by Carestream Dental and permits the delivery of intraoral scans from third-party software to CS Imaging.


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