Comprehensive Cloud-Based Imaging for a Streamlined, Smarter Practice

When it comes to practice management systems (PMS), smart solutions that streamline office operations and reduce maintenance are leading the pack for today’s dentists. The more practice functions a provider can bring under one efficiently integrated umbrella, the better returns they’ll see on time and revenue.

Dentrix Ascend takes office management to the cloud, simplifying standardized procedures across locations while introducing centralization and seamless, automated operations for all aspects of a practice — including dental imaging. Dentrix Ascend Imaging is a dental imaging software that provides comprehensive, cloud-based imaging that makes taking, accessing, and using x-rays and 3D dental imaging easy so you can spend more time on patient care.

Image Quality is Paramount

Image quality is the most important facet of any dental imaging software. If an image is imprecise, it can be difficult for a provider to diagnose with confidence (or even diagnose at all). But when practitioners can rely on high-quality, full-size images and 3D dental imaging capability, diagnostic confidence increases. And when patients better understand dentists’ recommendations through clear connections to diagnostic imaging, treatment acceptance increases too.

Dentrix Ascend Imaging

Dentrix Ascend Imaging takes precise images across a wide variety of sensors. On capture, original images are automatically stored in the cloud and are accessible to all providers in a DSO, from anywhere on any device where you use Dentrix Ascend. Tools like annotation and density reading are all available within the PMS, enabling providers to easily add information or mark areas on an image or volume without leaving the dental imaging software or switching between programs. 

Tighter Integration for More Efficiency

Better dental imaging integration translates to increased efficiency and even improved revenue in a variety of ways. The first major benefit of tight integration is streamlined workflows that save providers time. The multi-step process of taking images, using them, and locating historical images through a dental imaging software that’s poorly integrated with your PMS may not seem like a time sink in the moment. But the cumulative costs of every redundant step required to bridge two systems — visit after visit, week after week — add up to a significant number of hours wasted micromanaging inefficient systems.

A tightly integrated dental imaging software avoids this problem, allowing you to spend those hours caring for patients instead. With Dentrix Ascend Imaging, acquiring an image and saving it in the cloud happens with a few quick mouse clicks. Switching dental imaging devices and repositioning the patient during an exam doesn’t disrupt your workflow. 

Effective integration and intuitive automation make it simple to find, take, and locate images; share images with other providers or practices; and plan treatment any time. 
In addition, cloud-based dental imaging software simplifies and accelerates image sharing for consultations and procedures completed in other locations. Without tight integration or cloud support, practices are often forced to find time-consuming ways to share images. But with Dentrix Ascend Imaging, images can be reviewed remotely and at any practice location. It’s a cloud solution ready to help you collaborate with other doctors so you can make treatment decisions and recommendations with confidence. 

Tight Integration Goes Directly to the Bottom Line

The second major benefit of tight integration is its impact on your bottom line. Because poorly integrated dental imaging software doesn’t post images directly to the billing ledger, some images may be overlooked when billing time comes. A dental imaging solution with strong integration improves collections by syncing each acquired image with your PMS and, consequently, the appropriate patient ledger.

In the same way, good integration also improves insurance reimbursement. No images eligible for reimbursement fall through the cracks when every acquired image automatically populates with an ADA code and directly links to your PMS and billing process. Automatic ADA codes simplify selecting and attaching the right images to eClaims for insurance submission. In addition, Dentrix Ascend Imaging will automatically remind you when any images required for insurance submittal have been overlooked.

Dentrix Ascend Imaging integration

Support for Most Imaging Types

Dentrix Ascend Imaging supports not only intra- and extraoral x-rays but also 3D cone beam computing tomography (CBCT) volumes, CAD/CAM scans, photographic images, and other dental images. In addition, Dentrix Ascend Imaging interfaces directly and secondarily with most devices through standard interfaces like TWAIN or automated import, enabling cloud connections for all. 

For CBCT devices, Dentrix Ascend Imaging interfaces using the device vendor’s software and automatically uploads 3D volumes to the cloud. From there, you can easily export images directly to online tools that let you plan treatment and order guides, appliances, and more. Direct connections are available for leading CBCT devices, with DICOM imports available for all others. 

With high-quality, original images and 3D dental imaging all in one system and directly tied to patient records, Dentrix Ascend Imaging provides not just diagnostic confidence but strong integration as well. 

Drop Inefficiency with a Move to the Cloud

Cloud-based comprehensive dental imaging software offers more than just convenience — it provides reliable and high-quality imaging, easy image management, and strong PMS integration that have the potential for quantifiable returns in work hours and revenue. With the power of Dentrix Ascend behind it, Dentrix Ascend Imaging is ready to streamline your imaging workflows and increase revenue in the process. 

To learn more about how Dentrix Ascend Imaging can benefit your organization, request a demo at www.DentrixAscend.com/Imaging-DSOPro or call 833.208.1381 today.

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