DSOPro Celebrates 100 Issues and its Top 10 Feature Articles

This week’s issue marks 100 editions of DSOPro since it was launched in 2022 by four dental publishing veterans with the goal to celebrate and communicate with DSO, dental group practice, and dental industry leaders. Each issue addresses the challenges DSOs and their clinical and administrative teams face daily and shines light on the evolving and innovative solutions being created to solve them.

This week’s issue marks the 100th edition of DSOPro. In 2021, DSOPro was conceived as a way to celebrate Dental Support Organization and dental industry leaders and communicate important dental group practice news to an engaged audience. Allison Walker, Editor & Chief Content Creator, has done an incredible job capturing these DSO influencers’ insights through her long-form interviews.

DSOPro was established to highlight both the challenges and creative solutions that DSOs and DSO dentists encounter on a daily basis. Partners Bill Neumann, Jim Shavel, and Allen Schwartz have a wealth of publishing experience and a deep knowledge of the DSO market. Bill Neumann is the co-founder of Group Dentistry Now and Jim Shavel and Allen Schwartz are the co-founders of Dynamic Data Solutions, the parent company for DSO DataCONNECT.



We are proud of what the team at DSOPro has accomplished in a relatively short time. The DSOPro newsletter brings together the best of Group Dentistry Now’s content and Allison Walker’s writing and interview style. Furthermore, DSOPro leverages the power of DSO DataCONNECT’s powerful data platform to target relevant content and deliver it to the most influential DSO industry stakeholders.

Launched in April 2022 with editions sent to our 20,000 engaged readers in the DSO market, the DSOPro weekly e-newsletter became instantly popular. Developed as a sister publication to Group Dentistry Now  and in partnership with DSO DataCONNECT, topic-specific issues focus on Technology, Recruitment, Procurement, Happenings, and Dental Hygiene.

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Our audience includes DSO corporate staff, affiliated dentists, emerging dental groups, solo practice owners and dentists, dental students, dental support staff, private equity investors, and dental industry manufacturers, distributors, and job seekers.

Special thanks go to our many feature article participants for their time, useful insights, and thought-provoking ideas about the future of the profession, industry, and product/services offerings. We also thank our advertising partners for their ongoing support.

The DSOPro Team

Bill Neumann
Allen Schwartz
Jim Shavel
Josh Shavel
Allison Walker, Editor & Chief Content Creator

DSOPro’s Top 10 Reads

Here’s a look back at the most highly read feature articles in DSOPro since our launch in 2022.

  1. The Role of Operations Director in the Procurement Process
    Karla-Marie Santiago, former Oakpoint Director of Operations, on the operations director role and building a procurement division to reach efficiency in 30+ offices.

  2. A 30-Year Perspective on DSO Growth and Developing Procurement Strategies 
    As the founding COO of ClearChoice and with her 30-year perspective on growing companies, MBA, COO, CMO, EVP, EV, and i3 Ignite co-founder Margaret McGuckin discusses her take on Procurement Strategies.

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3. Small to Medium Sized Dental Groups Need Better Protection from Cyberattacks: Part 1
Gary Salman, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Black Talon Security, LLC, on why cyber security is no longer just an IT issue—it’s a compliance and operational issue.
4. Tips and Tricks for Successful DSO Recruiting
Pro DSO Recruiter Linda Ryan’s advice on building relationships with dental students and prospective dentists: find out what they need, offer support, and amp up your business model.

5. DSO Thought Leaders’ Opinions on Changes and Challenges for DSOs in 2023 
DSOPro polled its 2022 Happenings feature article participants—Frank Balkum, Brent Barta, Jeromy R. Dixson, Janet Hagerman, David Harris, and Linda Harvey—to get their thoughts on the future of the industry.

6. The Implications for the DSO/Dental Industry of the FTC’s Proposed Ban on Non-Compete Clauses 
Brian Colao on the FTC considering prohibiting non-compete clauses. If passed, the regulation would prevent large and small businesses from requiring employees to sign non-compete agreements that limit their ability to change jobs within a competitive market.
7. Industry Thought Leaders’ Opinions on Changes and Challenges for DSOs in 2023 
DSOPro polled its 2022 Technology feature article participants—Tanner Applegate, Derek Giddon DDS, Brant Herman, Jeremy Krell DMD MBA, Ryan Miller, Roshan Parikh, and Jinesh Patel—to get their thoughts on the future of the industry.

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8. Three Multi-Industry Experts Join Forces to Create a GPO Model for DSOs 
With backgrounds in healthcare GPOs, military supply chain management, and dental sales and group buying, three experts—Angela Miller, Amanda Lisle, and Blake Hibray—collaborate and leverage industry knowledge to design and operate a GPO for its members.

9. What makes DSO executive recruitment like major league baseball?
DSOPro talks with Jon Fidler, founder of Fidler and Associates, an advisory and executive recruiting firm that works exclusively within the dental industry on filling C-level and regional manager positions for DSOs and multi-location groups.

10. Former DSO Owner and Executive Discusses a New Operations Decisioning Platform 
Vincent Cardillo, president and CEO of Maeva Advisors, talks about his 25 years of experience leading dental groups and launching a new dental operations decisioning platform technology he and his team have developed

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