Four Ways That a Digital Workflow with glidewell.io™ Makes a Great ROI

How same-day dentistry impacts your financial ROI, enhances workflow efficiency, gives you better clinical control, and leads to higher patient satisfaction.

Investing in single-visit dentistry can yield significant returns for your practice through its well-known return on investment (ROI). Calculations to determine ROI balance the cost of the equipment against savings gained by eliminating lab costs and other expenses that the equipment makes obsolete, as well as increased profits from attracting more patients and reducing appointment times. Although the financial ROI is the most apparent advantage of the glidewell.io™ In-Office Solution, saving money is just the tip of the iceberg.

1. A Great Financial ROI

The financial returns of digital dentistry with glidewell.io follow a basic formula — the more you use it, the greater your ROI is. That’s because once you consider the value of your chair time and the number of crowns delivered, even non-monetary savings make a positive impact on your bottom line. Dr. Scott Barton, a practicing dentist at Whispering Oaks Family Dental in San Antonio, Texas, notes that “when someone comes back for a crown delivery, it’s not like you’re charging for that additional appointment. That’s chair time that doesn’t get factored into your bottom line.” The ability to deliver crowns in one sitting reduces chair time overall for your practice, which directly saves money in the long term. “In the first year alone of switching to glidewell.io, I saved my office $80,000,” he adds. “Even now I’m still saving $45,000-$55,000 a year compared to my DSO colleagues who don’t use glidewell.io.”

GD-DB-3544570-051923_image2The benefits of using glidewell.io™ go beyond just monetary savings. By embracing and utilizing all facets of this innovative technology, your practice gains a multitude of advantages that improve its overall clinical performance.

2. Better Workflow Efficiency

CAD/CAM systems like glidewell.io make it possible to adapt your office workflow to improve efficiency, making it easier to provide patients with excellent care while also saving time and money. The simplified workflow of digital dentistry frees up more work time to perform other treatments and give better individualized attention to your patients. Without multiple time-consuming steps required to deliver traditional crowns, you have more freedom to spend time how you want – both inside your practice and outside of it. This benefit also extends to your staff: minimizing time crunches and maximizing the amount of dental care provided creates a more positive work environment that fosters growth and reduces stress.

GD-DB-3544570-051923_image3With the easy-to-use glidewell.io system, the workflow is so flexible that you and your staff can design and mill crowns even while providing other treatment to patients,
maximizing efficiency and successful outcomes.

3. Better Clinical Control

From start to finish, doctors who choose a digital workflow with glidewell.io gain an incredible advantage in the amount of control they have over their clinical success. Since every restoration is created in-house, doctors and their staff can monitor each stage and make customizations according to each patient’s unique needs. During the design phase, for example, you have the choice of designing the crown from scratch or using the highly accurate AI-generated proposals from our proprietary CrownAI™ software. This level of control gives you an unprecedented level of input in determining the details such as margins, occlusion, and shape of the restorations. This is not only beneficial to you, but to your patients as well because their final delivery is more likely to result in a better-fitting, more esthetic result.

4. Higher Patient Satisfaction

Patient trust and satisfaction are integral components in maintaining a successful practice. Satisfied patients tend to return for future care and refer their family and friends, positively influencing your client base and bottom line. Moreover, as a doctor, it is fulfilling to know that you are providing your patients with the best possible treatment experience and results.

With the introduction of digital equipment, such as glidewell.io, patients are delighted to discover that the restoration they receive is almost identical to their previous or current dentition, making it easier to adapt to the new restoration and eliminating the need for a second appointment. Additionally, the need for anesthesia, which can be costly and stressful for patients, is kept to a minimum. Having to undergo anesthesia twice due to a remake can be a significant inconvenience.

Undoubtedly, what attracts most patients to same-day dentistry is the ability to receive restorations without the need for a follow-up, ensuring that the restorations are made with the strongest and longest-lasting industry-leading materials, like BruxZir® NOW. The combination of efficiency and quality offered by glidewell.io remains the best strategy for achieving a substantial return on investment while boosting patients’ satisfaction with both their treatment process and final results.


The ROI of glidewell.io is also based on the positive impact of elevating the level of trust, satisfaction, and loyalty of your patients. With the increased comfort and efficiency afforded by glidewell.io, your patients will want to keep coming back.

The glidewell.io In-Office Solution: A Great ROI

Starting your digital dentistry journey is a big investment. But when we examine how much money you will save on lab fees and material costs, the financial returns outweigh the cost of the equipment. It’s also important to acknowledge numerous other ways in which glidewell.io generates beneficial returns for you, your staff, and your patients. By saving time for everyone in your practice and giving you a competitive advantage, the financial ROI is only the beginning. To calculate your personalized financial ROI, visit glidewell.io/roi-calculator. To learn more about same-visit dentistry with glidewell.io visit glidewell.io/promotions/about-io-dso.

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