How Tracking Equipment Data and Performance Keeps DSOs Running Smoothly

Dr. Lou Shuman describes how UptimeHealth works: tracking device performance in real time, reducing equipment failure rates, and storing essential documents—from purchase and warranty dates to instructions and compliance testing—on a cloud-based platform so DSOs can make informed purchasing and repair decisions.

As a technology enthusiast and a supporter of new technologies, my goal is to bring you  innovative companies that can offer great benefits to DSO management and individual offices. Because of the phenomenal amount of information that DSOs must pay attention to every day, this article should be of particular interest. DSOs must be aware of every aspect of the offices they manage — the technologies, the people who repair them, the schedules of testing compliance, safety data sheets (SDS), and even who to ask when a new piece of equipment is needed. When the air compressor fails and patients are in the waiting room, who are you going to call? Where are all the model numbers and receipts for past service? In a booming practice, finding the post-it notes or Excel spreadsheet with the repair guy’s name on it and getting an answer and a service call scheduled is stressful and inefficient. In a DSO, where this may happen across multiple practices every day, keeping track of all the equipment and the information that keeps the dental practice working smoothly across multiple locations is imperative. DSOs need to avoid downtime, and to have as much Uptime as possible — literally!

UptimeHealth tracks performance of all the equipment and devices in the dental office —from air conditioning to sterilizers and everything in between. With many offices and hundreds of pieces of equipment to keep track of, UptimeHealth can save time, money, and many headaches.

Here’s how it works. UptimeHealth team members come to the office and tag and upload all of the information on the equipment in the practice — location in the building, model numbers, in-office contact, date of purchase, purchase price, repair technician, warrantee information — any information that will help in keeping the devices in good working condition or return them to service as quickly as possible. Even dates for compliance testing are logged and monitored. “We reduce equipment failure rates by providing service on all of those devices and the data to make informed decisions,” said company CEO Jinesh Patel. Offices and headquarters alike can securely access all essential documents, like instructions for use, the SDS, policies, procedures, and device manuals on a cloud-based platform.

Even everyday equipment, like air conditioning, needs to be serviced quickly before patients and staff become uncomfortable or the office needs to close. Patel explains, “That could take a while to coordinate if the office manager has to look through little sticky notes of all of the technicians that they use for different devices. We have our marketplace of technicians who service each specific piece of equipment in our searchable database for each office.” If an office prefers a certain technician, UptimeHealth just loads the contact information into their system. If they don’t have technicians, UptimeHealth’s marketplace will locate a technician to provide the best service.

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Breaking News: UptimeHealth Acquires Dental Whale


UptimeHealth announced May 1st that it acquired Dental Whale, the leading dental practice solutions and learning provider in North America, and its subsidiaries—Dental Fix, Florida Dental Repair, and Front Office Rocks. This signals the launch of UptimeServices, a new subsidiary focused on expanded service solutions within the healthcare and dental industries. The inclusion of Dental Whale and its subsidiaries significantly broadens UptimeServices asset management, staff training, and education opportunities, plus onsite dental equipment repair services.


Patel describes the set-up process: “In a DSO, the operational side of thebusiness can get so big that the fact that we can get an UptimeHealth team member to the office to asset tag all the equipment and be ready for any issue takes a big responsibility off of management. As a DSO, you can imagine how valuable it is to even just have such a complete inventory of equipment and devices, and ways to track performance, upkeep testing, and repair.”

Tracking all those metrics also allows the DSO to be proactive, rather than reactive to the devices in the various practices. UptimeHealth will let you know when it is time for upkeep maintenance. “The majority of the time, practices don’t have time to keep up with routine maintenance and may not be aware what the manufacturer recommends for regular maintenance,” Patel says. “That’s the reason equipment often breaks within a year or two of purchase.”

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A new update to UptimeHealth is the Universal Device Hub. UptimeHealth is partnering with manufacturers to add connected real-time metrics on their devices. These metrics are details that normally would get lost in the hustle of everyday busy practices, such as how long the device has been operating, the amount of voltage needed, and temperature. The device’s performance is tracked in real time so changes in the metrics can indicate the need for service. Consistent maintenance increases the equipment’s longevity.

For example, a compressor temperature that deviates from what the manufacturer suggests will generate a task to either request service or to check on that device. Something that is often taken for granted, such as a refrigerator malfunction or an open door, can cause a costly drop in temperature if vaccines or medications become spoiled. UptimeHealth’s hub receives the alert, and the information for the service request is quickly put into action — from informing the office, to scheduling the technician, to invoicing.

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The service is not only about repair because continually repairing certain equipment is not always cost effective. For detailed information on the repair history and replacement possibilities, the repair-versus-replace calendar can assess the market rate for buying a new piece of equipment, as well as the market rate of average costs for repair so the DSO can make an informed decision on whether to buy or repair.

Lou_4DSO leadership teams can benefit from UptimeHealth because if any of the equipment or devices fail in one office or multiple offices in a day, production and profitability are lost. UptimeHealth provides the DSO with a centralized capability to see all the equipment in all the offices in real time. Think of how convenient and efficient it would be if you had 35 offices, and through a central software system, you had the ability to maintain and manage all that equipment to maximize profitability and maintain the proficiency and efficiency of your equipment.

In the DSO world with multiple offices, procedures, technologies, and devices, there is no such thing as “standard operating procedure” or “one-size-fits-all.” UptimeHealth treats each office individually but also keeps the DSO as an informed organizational partner. After all, to be profitable, time shouldn’t be wasted waiting for repairs or blindly making new equipment decisions — that’s UptimeHealth’s business.

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